Spinal Solution 8-Inch Firm Double Sided Tight top Waterproof Vinyl Innerspring Fully Assembled Mattress

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WILL GIVE YOU A BETTER NIGHT’S REST : 357 Innerspring verticoil and 13 ¾ SH gauge unit and 6-gauge border unit mattress reduces pressure points to help you fall asleep more quickly
THE PERFECT LEVEL OF SUPPORT : The right top mattress is Orthopedic Waterproof Vinyl and Firm but still has some give for your comfort and reduces back pain by supporting every inch of your spine. Ideal for Institutional and Home Health Care Use.
MADE SPECIFICALLY FOR INSTITUTIONAL USE : Sealed and completely fluid proof cover with no zipper meets hygiene. Ideal for adults and kids with incontinence concerns also for standards use in hospitals and long-term care facilities

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