SORMAG Contour Memory Foam Pillow Price: $28.99$34.99 (as of 07/01/2021 03:49 PST- Details)

GET A GOOD NIGHT’S SLEEP: Designed with an ergonomic wavy shape, this neck support pillows for sleeping conforms to the natural curve of your neck, relieves pressure and offers comfort and support for your neck while you are sleeping. Greatly reduce neck and shoulder pain, neck stiffness and help your muscles to relax. It can also help with neck spasms, arthritis, tension headaches, whiplash, post-spinal surgery and snoring. Nothing can stop you from getting a deep and comfortable sleep now!
PREMIUM GEL INFUSED MEMORY FOAM PILLOWS: Soft yet firm enough to offer consistent support for your neck with a high density. Always retain its firmness and will not flatten over time like fiber bed pillows. When the pressure is removed, this ventilated gel memory foam contour pillow slowly returns to its original shape in 3-5S and never be deformed afterwards. Moreover, the “breathing small holes” help air to circulate, making it cool to sleep on. A perfect cooling pillow for hot sleepers!
DUAL HEIGHT CONTOUR DESIGN: The contour shape allows you to use the lower edge or the higher edge close to your shoulders to find the best position for you. This chiropractic orthopedic pillows for neck pain always cradles your head to keep your neck and spine aligned, which is ideal for back and side sleepers who struggle with neck, shoulder, or arm pain while they sleep. Moreover, you can also use it as leg pillow to comfortably relax your legs.