Newentor Neck Pillow Price: $29.99$39.99 (as of 03/06/2021 08:27 PST- Details)

【Orthopedic Pillows for Sleeping】With exclusive cutting process, the 40 independent support areas of the bed pillow provide support for your neck, shoulders, back, and head. This cervical neck pillow can bring you neck and shoulder pain relief sleeping, improve snoring and other sleeping ailments.
【Turn Once for Softer, Turn Again for Firmer】Unlike ordinary memory foam pillows, our neck support pillow uses softer memory foam on one side and firmer foam on the other side, so you can customize it to be a soft pillow or firm pillow. Newentor neck pillows for side sleepers & back sleepers to experience zero-gravity sleep and neck pain relief sleeping.
【5 Sizes Memory Foam Pillow, Suits You Better】According to people’s different heights and weights, we specially provided 5 sizes pillows after a long-term in-depth study in the human neck & cervical structure. This ergonomic neck support pillows can more suit your size, sleep position and preference. A suitable pillow can keep your cervical spine properly aligned when sleeping, recover your muscles under full relaxation, repair the daytime fatigue, and obtain a longer deep-sleep.

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