Natural Latex Mattress, Single Double Bed Mat with Tatami Mats, High-Efficiency Rebound and No Collapse, Double-Sided Pores Absorb Moisture and Exhaust,200×200,5cm Price: $734.23 (as of 04/06/2021 06:37 PST- Details)

[Wave curve, reasonable support] According to the division of the human body, the body pressure can be reasonably distributed. The front and back angle of 15° can relieve the spine, make the spine in a state of unsharing, and relieve pressure.
[Efficient rebound without collapse] Disperse the pressure quickly, and it can rebound and buffer quickly when you roll on the bed, and will not collapse for a long time.
[Double-sided air holes, moisture absorption and exhaust] Evenly arranged air holes, thousands of large and small holes, double-sided air hole design. The double-sided ventilation is not stuffy and dense, and the dense ventilation guide holes can timely dissipate heat to keep the mattress in a comfortable constant temperature state, giving you a quality sleep experience.

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