Core Products Tri-Core Cervical Support Pillow, Gentle Price: $37.02$39.08 (as of 03/06/2021 08:27 PST- Details)

THIS PILLOW IS DESIGNED TO HELP CORRECT SPINAL POSTURE OF THE NECK. The concave center cradles the head as the cervical roll supports the neck. Helps restore the proper curvature of the spine. This product is commonly used to help treat a variety of conditions affecting the neck and shoulders.
CHOOSE A FIRMNESS. This pillow must be firm to provide therapeutic benefits. For the most aggressive correction, choose standard firm option. The gentle option slightly reduces the height and firmness of the pillow for a less aggressive correction. This pillow is NOT a soft comfort pillow.
CHOOSE A SIZE: The full size pillow is appropriate for most adults. IMPORTANT: It may take time to adjust. The pillow is working to help restore proper posture during sleep

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