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Best Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Gel Foam is also known as Gel Memory Foam, Gelatinous Polyurethane Foam and Temperature-Sensitive Foam. Gel foam mattresses are available in different firmness levels which include: Soft, Medium and Firm. Gel materials can be used on any item of the mattress including the pillow tops and sides. The Gel Foam Mattress has been specifically designed for people who tend to sleep hot. Gel foam absorbs the heat from the body which in turn provides a cooler sleeping surface. Gel Foam mattresses are also highly recommended for arthritis patients because it conforms and adapts to any part of your body and provides the optimum support.

Gel Memory Foam gets softer when heated and provides cushioning that reduces pressure points on your body. Gel Memory Foam does not contain any harsh chemicals or toxins hence making the mattress naturally hypoallergenic which makes it perfect for people with allergies.

Gel Foam is highly durable and does not pack down easily. Gel foam contours the body gently to add support where it's needed most and relieves pressure points. Gel foam absorbs movement which makes it easy for you when getting out of bed or after a long day of work. Gel Foam mattresses are known to be incredibly comfortable providing a better quality of sleep.

Gel memory foam is easy to care for, simply use a vacuum cleaner on the mattress to remove any dust or dirt that may have settled on the surface. Gel Foam doesn't soften under the weight of your body, instead it supports your weight evenly while giving you enough room to move around while you are asleep. Gel Foam does not absorb the body heat like other foam but instead distributes it evenly which reduces sleep disturbances. Gel Foam is known to be very durable and lasts longer than regular polyurethane foam, Gel Foam is non-allergenic, dust mite resistant and hypoallergenic. Gel Foam also provides optimum support for all body types and sizes. Gel Foam is a Smart choice for your health and sleep. Gel foam mattress can cost about $2,000 to $3,000 for a queen Gel foam mattress.